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  • I tried to make the KOEDC 'Social butterfly '
  • by Lee, Jeong-Hwan | translator Choi HeeYoung | May 8, 2020 06:34am
The KOEDC (President Young-mi Yoon)
There are many issues such as profits and courier delivery
 ▲ The KOEDC (President Young-mi Yoon)
“The KOEDC (Korea Orphan & Essential Drug Center) is the place where the government and the public need attention more than any other institution. I wanted to increase the utilization of the public by spreading the awareness to the society that it is a place to supply medicines that are essential for the treatment of incurable patients and that the social supply of essential medicines does not stop. I hope that the government's support for the center's operating budget will increase significantly, and that the capacity to contribute to society will increase rapidly.”

'Inssa (Insider, Social butterfly)', which stands for social and organizational mainstream and friendly person, is a word that seems somewhat distant from the KOEDC.

This is because the KOEDC is dedicated to rare and incurable disease drugs that have a relatively small number of patients or have relatively low social awareness and are less likely to receive social attention.

In a way, the KOEDC seems to have no choice but to support the supply and treatment of remedies for incurable patients who are prone to alienation in society, taking on a task close to Assa (Outsider, not social).

However, President Young-mi Yoon (51, Dongduk University of Pharmacy), who has led the KOECD for the past two years, made efforts to imprint rare disease and the existence of the center by making the center from outsider to insider and beyond to a social bufferfly.

Director Yoon's term for the center ended on the 22nd of last month, but the appointment of the next president has not been completed, and the term has been temporarily extended without a new leader being decided. If the next president is decided, she will be officially retired.

Specifically, Director Yoon is in many ways, including nurturing rare proceeds that have been solidified through 20 years of practice, advancing delivery of orphan drugs through regional centers and base pharmacy projects, and improvement of purchasing treatment hemp oil, led the improvement of the system by communicating with the National Assembly.

This is the background of last year's national audit that raised the center's profits and improved the efficiency of budget support for the MFDS.

Director Yoon suggested that the center's operation would be normalized based on the increase in the budget-to-government support rate for the newly appointed director's main job.

The detailed work is the president's intrinsic competency and authority, but she believes that the lack of budget should not continue to do what the center has to do for the society and patients.

"Unfortunately, in the past two years, we haven't completed the budget support problem for normal operation of the center, the expenditure of money, and the delivery of courier services," she said. In the end, it resulted in the issue of budget support from the MFDS and remained as the next president's homework. ”

"In order to solve the safety issues of biological products that require temperature-controlled shipping and courier delivery with illegality, it is a consignment delivery pilot project, and at the same time, we have worked hard to establish a safe supply process for orphan drugs as a regional base center and base pharmacy. "The system is not complete, but I think this is the way the future center should go," she said.

When asked what led the center to focus on, President Yoon responded, "I wanted to improve the utilization of the center by greatly increasing the interest of the people and society in the center."

The intention is to make the KOEDC that is unfamiliar to the general public a social butterfly .

"To inform the existence of the KOEDC, we needed to innovate in the center's hardware and software as a whole," said Yoon. "We moved the office to the city hall to build facilities such as pharmacies and drug warehouses in the center. This is why we created a process that minimizes supply and demand inconvenience. "

Director Yun suggested that the center should plan to enhance the accessibility and safety of orphan drugs.

In particular, it is said that it is the path for the country and patients to minimize the probability that the center will fall into the supply of orphan drugs even in extreme situations by closely analyzing the current situation in which the domestic supply of orphan drugs in the world is struggling due to the COVID-19 crisis.

"There are more than 20,000 orphan drugs that the center supplies per year. The importance and social needs of orphan drugs are getting bigger every day," she said. Nevertheless, the center still needs to be improved in terms of facilities, management, accounting and operating systems. "It is the KOEDC that can reveal the willingness of the nation to somehow care for the underprivileged," she said.

"We need to constantly monitor which pharmaceutical companies around the world are developing, producing and distributing what kind of pharmaceutical companies in the world and check the distribution line in real time so that we can have the bargaining power to supply domestic patients' drugs," said the Center. It is time to further advance the system to increase social utilization, "she suggested.
“I took the job as a general manager and worked every day, at least once a week, hoping that the KOEDC would be known in the media,” said she. The center faces the challenge of formulating a budget for the MFDS for normal operation. We ask for your continued interest and support to ensure that the Center plays a role in the national health defense frontier.
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