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  • Improvement is urgent for many generic drugs
  • by Lee, Tak-Sun | translator Choi HeeYoung | May 22, 2020 06:16am
 ▲ Chae Gyu-han, the section chief of the MFDS
After the Regulatory Reform Committee recommended the withdrawal of the joint bioequivalence test restriction policy in April, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's first reaction was to respect the recommendation to withdraw, but said that there was still a problem with the issue of generic restructuring.

In a briefing with reporters on the 19th, Chae Gyu-han, the section chief of the MFDS, commented on the recommendation to withdraw the joint bioequivalence test restriction policy that everyone will agree that there is a need to somehow solve many of the generic drugs in the market, and one of them was the joint bioequivalence test restriction policy. We respect the recommendation to withdraw from the Regulatory Reform Committee, but that doesn't mean we have given up on the problem itself.

There is no change in the policy direction itself to prevent generic insufficiency. In addition, he added that domestic generic drugs should have international competitiveness and contribute to public health.

The public-private council for the competitiveness of generic drugs is expected to operate for the first time at the end of April, and plan to improve for two months. Some improvements have already been made.

Until the comprehensive review of the consigned generics by the evaluation agency, the consigned generics are so-called 'bundled permission management' without separate examination. Because this system is aimed at efficiency in generic screening, some people were interested in amendments to the contents of submitting three batches of production data when the entrusted generic license was announced in November last year. In terms of efficiency, it is from the perception that this system is not necessary.

However, Chae Gyu-han, the section chief said, “We have opinions through legislative notices, and final regulatory review is required. But, there is no change at this time.”

In addition, Mr. Chae said, "There are some agreements in the public-private council. For example, discussions to strengthen the labeling system to give more consumer information and to implement a licensing system centered on complete pharmaceuticals with a bundled licensing system. It's being negotiated well," he said. "However, it is difficult to find a way to secure export competitiveness."

Reinforcing the labeling of generic drugs is discussed not only on the product packaging by borrowing ICT technology, but also on how to communicate information through a prescription preparation system or a drug safety country. "I think it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to satisfy the information the general public needs to know," said Chae.

Regarding the investigation of impurities such as NDMA of Metformin, a diabetes treatment that is currently in progress, he briefly responded that he would pursue policy decisions in the direction of minimizing public inconvenience.

Meanwhile, this briefing was meaningful in that it was the first policy communication position with the reporters after the COVID-19 incident.
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